STATUS AS OF 3.23.2017








  The spiritualitydate.com domain has been purchased and the site is being built. The concept behind spiritualitydate.com is multifaceted. 

Many people are looking for human companionship and are having difficulty finding the right person. A multitude of online dating sites have emerged but are problematic due to rampant deceit and lying perpetrated by many of the members. 

a. To address this problem spiritualitydate.com is uniquely designed for people who have a personal relationship with God. This design uses an essay in the profile section that new members write describing one of their personal experiences with God. This essay is the key filter that members can use to assess the veracity of their potential date. The way this works is that people who have a personal relationship with God have only been able to accomplish this, by being scrupulously honest. Honesty, is essential to developing a personal relationship with God because people can lie to each other, they can even lie to God, but they cannot lie to themselves. When people lie, they know it and this knowing makes them feel unworthy of having a personal relationship with God; causing them to cut off their relationship with God. God does not cut them off, guilt causes the liar to shut down and be unable to perceive God’s presence in their lives. This obsession with honesty turns these people into human lie detectors, giving them the ability to discern truth from lies. This is where the previously mentioned essays come in. When someone who has a personal relationship with God reads a members’ essay about their experience with God, the reader will be able to discern the truthfulness of the essay and make a more informed decision about who they want to date. 

b.  Another important aspect of spiritualitydate.com will be an area that teaches people how to develop their own personal relationship with God.  

In general, to begin the process a person must choose to be a servant of God. There may be different ways to do this. One way, and the way that worked for me, is to ponder the following choice. If God is real and does exist do I want to use my life to serve God or do I want to ignore God and go my own way? Or, if There is no God and creation is just a random event that has no meaning does it make any difference how I live my life? Fortunately, at a young age I decided it was better to serve God, because I did not want to miss out on any of the possible advantages of doing so. And, living a meaningless godless life was not very appealing.      

Interestingly, it turns out that God is real for people who act as if God is real, whether they originally believed in God or not. Gradually, most likely, following this process, they will come to believe in God.    

Once you choose to serve God you quickly realize that it is not easy to know how to do it.    

This is how you begin your personal relationship with God, because you have to commune with God to know how to serve him.   

There are two ways to address this problem. The first way involves the use of your imagination. This is a powerful gift from God, given to you for this purpose.  Your imagination helps you access your inner guidance.  Often, you will be able to imagine how God wants you to behave in a particular situation. You simply imagine how you should be behave and do it. A helpful tip is to imagine that God is present with you, looking over your shoulder, to help you make the right decision.    

When the situation is too complex, for you to imagine your way; you should ask God how he wants you to serve him.  When you do this with sincerity, and pure intent, you will get an answer, but you must learn to quiet yourself and listen for it. It is not hard you just have to practice. My answers come via a small gentle little voice in my head. Some think that reference to this “still small voice” was first made in the bible (1 Kings 19:11-13King James Version). Dr. Gail Brenner writes that “Spiritual teacher Adyashanti says that truth is always speaking to us.”  She refers to this as the “still, small voice of truth.”  I believe that this “still, small voice of truth” is what I am hearing.  It is very interesting that without fail so far, this voice and answer are perceived by me to be all knowing, all powerful, and totally Godly. Another interesting, perception regarding this experience: is that, there is a strong feeling that this answer is so wise and so powerful that it could not have come from me.      

Once you start on this path you must be a slave to the truth, and live a virtuous honorable life to avoid feeling guilty and cutting yourself off from God. 

An interesting phenomenon associated with this process, is that it turns out that, the way you act profoundly affects the way you think. When you choose to act in a manner that serves god, you start to perceive yourself as a servant of God.  And you start to act this way unconsciously.     

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